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Numerical control machine tool maintenance is the symbol of industrialization

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Numerical control machine tool maintenance is the symbol of industrialization

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Application of CNC CNC machine tool maintenance has brought the revolutionary change for the traditional manufacturing industry, the manufacturing workers become a symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development and application of CNC technology bidding and expansion, the important point of the livelihood of the industry was beneficial to the people's livelihood (IT, transportation, light industry, medical progress etc.) play an increasingly important role, because these industries must equip the digital is the direction of development of modern progress.

The key of the CNC machine tool maintenance is the fault diagnosis of the fault source search and fault location. General speaking according to different fault types of the fault diagnosis method that uses different. The composition of CNC machine tools in these local the end by the necessity for a variety of causes is not the same, the degree of fault is not the same type of CNC machine tool can not be caused by normal office. The end covers about by mechanical corrosion, abrasion and exergy lose effect components aging, damage and failure of electrical components, connectors are included not contact the background changes such as the exergy current or voltage, temperature change, Liaodong hydraulic pressure and flow of clean and oil and other random noise and exergy exergy loss or by software procedures damage etc.

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