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Good maintenance of CNC machine tools

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Good maintenance of CNC machine tools

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CNC CNC machine tool maintenance and maintenance: the operator in each class after processing, should completely remove chips scattered in the carriage, rail etc.; in the office when the attention of seizing chip screw and guide rail life; before the end of the work, should be normal lest leading to chip stacking the servo axis return origin after shutdown.

Numerical control lathe with machine, electricity, liquid set in a body, technology, and knowledge of the unique place, is a kind of automation, complex structure and extremely expensive advanced processing facilities. In order to fully display its benefits, there is impairment of fault, must do the usual CNC machine maintenance work, so the requirements of CNC lathe protection office more than to have mechanical, machining process and gas hydraulic pneumatic knowledge, but also has a computer, semi automatic control, driving and reconnaissance technology, so the ability of all aspects of understanding, grasp the digital control lathe, CNC machine tool repair and maintenance work in time.

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