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Problems in high speed machining programming of numerical control lathe

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Problems in high speed machining programming of numerical control lathe

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The principle of high speed machining programming of CNC lathe is mainly related to the numerical control servo system, the processing material and the cutting tool. Using CAM system for numerical control programming, cutting tool selection, cutting dosage and selecting the appropriate parameters can be set according to the specific circumstances, the choice of processing method becomes the key of NC programming for high speed machining. How to choose the appropriate processing method to the more reasonable and efficient numerical control programming, the need to consider the problem is mainly related to the following aspects:

1, in the use of CAM for numerical control programming, to do everything possible to ensure the smooth and smooth tool path. In the cutting tool needs to make a sharp turn, the processing center should be in advance of the pre reduction, after the completion of the turn to improve the movement speed. This is mainly to avoid the inertia of the impact is too large, which leads to inertia of the machine tool spindle.

2, due to the high speed machining, the cutting tool is very high, and the use of the tool is usually very small, therefore, in the process of processing should be kept fixed tool load. Because the uniform of the tool load will directly affect the tool's life, in the case of cutting tool load will also produce tool breaking, directly affect the machine tool spindle.

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