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What is the automatic table lathe

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What is the automatic table lathe

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CNC automatic lathe lathe table, also called microcomputer automatic lathe, mainly used for milling motor shaft, inner six angle, a screwdriver bar, a cross, plum shape and other hardware, is a high-tech product integrated machine, electricity, liquid, the overall performance in the domestic leading level. This product is very broad, such as: electronic electrician, computer, hardware. Achieve full automation operation, a one-time product, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Technical parameters of the lathe on the automatic table:

Weight 750-1000 (kg)

Main motor power 1.5 (kw)

Maximum machining diameter 20 (mm)

Maximum length 35 (mm)

Maximum turning diameter 2-15-20 (mm

The characteristics of automatic table lathe:

1, microcomputer intelligent control is not flexible and usually use a knife knife, long life;

2, the length error of the cutter can be milled in the 2mm as usual;

3, the main shaft motor automatic starting and stopping, safe;

4, the same machine tool rod length processing range from 20mm to 380mm;

5, the whole machine without intermediate relay and travel switch and other mechanical electrical components, low failure rate;

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