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Development status of Chinas foundry machine tool industry

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Development status of Chinas foundry machine tool industry

Release date:2015-11-18 00:00 Source: Views:

Although the development of the machine tool industry in our country has achieved some results, but its development is still facing many problems, especially in comparison with foreign countries, the casting machine industry in our country is obviously lagging behind in the manufacturing process, which makes the technology level and the operating speed, the accuracy of the products and the reliability of the machine tool have obvious shortcomings.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's foundry industry, which in a certain extent, led the development of the machine tool industry, and achieved remarkable results, in the continued development of the. Relevant information to understand, Shenyang machine tool group's production of machine tool made the world's first.

At present, the lack of independent innovation and basic theoretical research of the machine tool enterprises in our country, which restrict the development of our country "s casting machine tool technology, must change the status quo, and further study the characteristics and requirements of the product technology.

However, the experts pointed out that the development of China's machine tool industry is still facing some restrictive factors. Among them, the backwardness of the technological level of the casting machine tool is a big bottleneck, only the break through this bottleneck, China's machine tool industry material is possible to achieve substantial breakthroughs in the smooth development of rapid development.

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