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Production of grinding machine enterprises to reduce cost and improve quality

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Production of grinding machine enterprises to reduce cost and improve quality

Release date:2015-11-18 00:00 Source: Views:

Three line machining center at present, small and medium-sized enterprise production costs continued to rise momentum take heavy branch (professional Raymond mill, calcium fly ash calcium machine machine, crusher, ball mill, calcium hydroxide production line manufacturers) for domestic Raymond mill, ash calcium machine manufacturers are many, especially in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Henan, Wuhan and Changsha, Lhasa, Gongyi and other regions, Raymond mill manufacturers new Raymond Mill offer a superb collection of beautiful things, is all kinds of.

As a user experience of Raymond machine manufacturers, the majority of users to buy tips: Raymond mill, Raymond Mill superfine price should not be the first consideration. As the saying goes, a sub price goods, can say how much money can buy how much value of Raymond Mill equipment. The factors of domestic area labor wages, costs and raw material price differences have led to the price is not the same as the area of Raymond mill. At the earliest Raymond mill factory in the Central Plains, as the saying goes: Kaoshanchishan by water draft. A manufacturer will drive the development of the surrounding area of the same industry, the Central Plains area is the high efficiency of Raymond mill manufacturers leader. What is there between the Central Plains manufacturers competition is too fierce, continue to squeeze corporate profit margins, corporate profit margins less in less, leading to small and medium enterprises face a loss of part of the local industry, and expand the losses increase, even a "four expensive" (labor, raw materials, the interest rate and the exchange rate), "four difficulties" (recruitment, financing, land, logistics) and "four" (sales, profits, exports and investment) followed the grim situation.

With the cost of raw materials, labor, land, logistics and financing, the pressure on the production and operation cost of small and medium enterprises in our country is increasing, profit margins are compressed, which seriously affects the healthy development of China's small and medium-sized enterprises and has become an important factor to weaken the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. According to the "2011 thousands of private enterprises tracking survey report", the cost of the current private enterprise development has become the main difficulties.

On the one hand, under the dual pressures of macroeconomic and economic downturn and rising costs, small and medium enterprises' profit margins continue to shrink, the production and operation difficulties intensified; on the other hand, the continued rise in the cost of China's export product price competitiveness, erosion of the international competitiveness of China's exports. According to Ministry of Commerce statistics, in the first half of 2012, compared with the end of 2011, China's exports accounted for the major trading partners of the EU, the United States and Japan's market share fell by 1.7, 0.62 and 1.04 percentage points. Among them, the export competitiveness of labor-intensive products in China is particularly severe.

But now, as Chinese economic development force of small and medium enterprises, the encounter is the rising cost of "open".

The production cost of enterprises has broken grinder four difficult four expensive four down "bottleneck of healthy and sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises of our country fundamentally, we must pay close attention to the relevant departments, actively referenced relevant policies, system analysis, general Shi Ce, focusing on the implementation of the key, in effect, positive under the sun and rain, to play their own light and heat.

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