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Daily maintenance of numerical control equipment

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Daily maintenance of numerical control equipment

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CNC machine tool 1 Introduction

Numerical control technology is the technology which uses the digital information to control the machine movement and the work process. The numerical control equipment is a new technology which represents the traditional manufacturing industry and the newly emerging Machinery manufacturing industry.

The correct operation and maintenance of the numerical control equipment is one of the key factors for the correct use of numerical control equipment. The correct operation of the use of the machine can prevent the abnormal wear and tear, to avoid failure; good routine maintenance, can make the equipment to maintain a good technical condition, delay the deterioration process, timely detection and elimination of hidden trouble, so as to ensure safe operation.

2 problems in the use of numerical control equipment

2.1 the use environment of numerical control equipment

In order to improve the service life of the numerical control equipment, it is generally required to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and other thermal radiation, to avoid too wet, too many dust or corrosive gases. Precision CNC equipment to remote equipment vibration, such as punching, forging equipment etc..

2.2 good power supply guarantee

In order to avoid the influence of the power supply fluctuation range (10%) and the possible instantaneous interference signal, the power supply (such as the use of the low voltage power distribution room and the use of the numerical control machine) or the additional voltage stabilizer can reduce the influence of the power supply and the electrical interference.

2.3 develop effective operating procedures

In the use of numerical control machine tools and management, should develop a series of practical, effective operational procedures. For example, lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use and specification of the transfer system, etc., is the main content of the use and management of CNC equipment. To develop and comply with the operating rules is one of the important measures to ensure the safety operation of CNC machine tools. Practice has proved that many failures can be reduced by compliance with the operating procedures.

2.4 numerical control equipment is not suitable for long-term storage

After the purchase of CNC machine tools to make full use of, especially in the first year of use, so that it is easy to fault the weak link as soon as possible, to be excluded from the guarantee period. Processing, as far as possible to reduce the opening and closing of the CNC machine tool spindle, to reduce the clutch, gear and other components of the wear. No machining tasks, the numerical control machine tools also need to be regular electricity, the best is 2 ~ 1 times per week, 1 hours per day, to reduce the heat capacity of the machine to reduce the humidity, the electronic components are not affected by moisture, but also in time to prevent the loss of battery power, to prevent the loss of system parameters.

3 maintenance and maintenance of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools, various types of CNC machine tools because of its function, structure and system, with different characteristics. Its maintenance and maintenance of the content and rules also have their own characteristics, according to the specific types of machine tools, and the actual use of the situation, and refer to the use of machine tools, the development and establishment of a regular, grading and maintenance system. Below are some common, common daily maintenance points.

3.1 maintenance of numerical control system

(1) strict compliance with the operating rules and the daily maintenance system

Numerical control equipment operation personnel should strictly comply with the operating rules and the daily maintenance system, the operator's technical service quality is an important factor affecting the frequency of failure. When the machine tool failure, the operator should pay attention to the maintenance of the site, and to the maintenance staff to explain the situation before and after the failure, in order to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the cause of failure, timely exclusion.

(2) prevent dirt from entering the numerical control device

Air in the machine shop in general will have oil mist, dust and even metal powder, once they fall in the numerical control system circuit board or electronic devices, easy to cause the decline in the insulation resistance between components, and even lead to components and circuit board damage. Some users in the summer in order to make the CNC system can be overloaded with work for a long time, take the CNC cabinet door open to heat, this is not a good way, which will eventually lead to the acceleration of CNC system damage, should minimize the open CNC and electric cabinet door.

(3) to prevent the system from overheating

It should be checked whether the cooling fan work is normal. Every six months or every quarter to check whether the air duct filter is blocked, if the filter is too much on the Internet, not timely cleaning, will cause the temperature inside the numerical control cabinet is too high.

(4) regular maintenance of the input / output device of the numerical control system

80 years ago the production of CNC machine tools, mostly with a photoelectric tape reader, if read with some pollution, will cause the information read error. Therefore, must be in accordance with the provisions of the photoelectric reader for maintenance.

(5) periodic inspection and replacement of the brush of a direct current motor

Excessive wear of the brush of the direct current motor can affect the performance of the motor, and even cause damage to the motor. To this end, the brush for the motor to carry out regular inspection and replacement. CNC lathes, CNC milling machine, machining center, etc., should be checked once a year.

(6) regular inspection and replacement of batteries for storage

In general numerical control system, the RAM CMOS memory device is provided with a rechargeable battery maintenance circuit in order to guarantee the contents of the memory of the system. In general, even if not yet failure, should be replaced once a year, to ensure the normal work of the system. The replacement of the battery should be carried out in the numerical control system, in order to prevent the loss of information within the RAM.

(7) maintenance of standby circuit board

Spare printed circuit board for a long time, should be regularly installed in the numerical control system for a period of time, in order to

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