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Interference problem of numerical control equipment

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Interference problem of numerical control equipment

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CNC machine tool called interference, is a useful signal outside the impact of noise on the system, the main points of interference and interference.

Internal interference:

1, the signal is inter - cross talk

2, components layout unreasonable, component quality is poor.

3, the coupling of the adjacent circuit.

4, the influence of digital and analog ground.

5, parasitic oscillation.

External interference mainly:

1, electromagnetic interference, including the near distance system with the power equipment on the broken, passing vehicles, electromagnetic waves, etc..

2, power supply fluctuations.

3, environmental interference, vibration, temperature and humidity, etc..

The internal interference is related to the manufacturing of the numerical control system, which can be eliminated and suppressed by the careful design. Imported machine tools can do this, but the external interference is random, and the structure of the NC is not related to the general interference sources are also difficult to limit, only to take preventive measures to the specific situation.

External interference coupling method is mainly:

1, common impedance coupling. By the grounding system of the earth wire is different, causing public impedance, it is inevitable to produce a common impedance coupling.

2, electrostatic coupling. Is the electric field through the capacitance coupling way, and the interference of the common line.

3, electromagnetic induction coupling. Because of the magnetic field between the power line and the signal line, the induction potential is generated in the closed loop in the NC system.

4, leakage coupling: mainly due to adjacent wires or some coupling capacitor insulation resistance decreased by resistance to interference between the signal line conductor

The interference source is used to interfere with the equipment, so the interference can be suppressed from the following three aspects.

1, the interference source is used to reduce the interference source, such as filter, damping, screen, and decoupling.

2, the interference way using isolation, screen scattered, impedance matching and balance wiring, circuit decoupling and other measures.

3, the device can be used to improve the signal to noise ratio, increase the switching time, improve power level, power supply and signal filtering, etc.

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