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VMC-1060 (three axis hard rail)

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VMC-1060 (three axis hard rail)

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  • Release date:2015/12/21
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Table size 1300 *600

X axis stroke 1000

Y axis stroke 600

Z axis stroke 600

Spindle nose to work table 170-770

T axis 5-18

Work center to column rail surface distance of 600

Spindle taper BT-40

Spindle speed 8000rpm

Spindle motor 11KW

X-Y-Z axis motor 3KW

X, Y, Z axis (hard rail) three axis fast displacement 15*15*15M/min

Three axis cutting feed rate 1-6000mm/min

Repeated positioning accuracy of + 0.005/300mm

Positioning accuracy 0.008/300mm

Table 800kg load

Machine weight 8500Kg

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